Lego Star Wars Birthday

Hello World!!  **UPDATE!
I’m truly happy this post it’s been pinned a lot of times!!
I hope everybody is having fun with them!  Love x.o.x.o. Claire..

I was able to design some birthday printable for my nephew’s Birthday Themed “Lego Star Wars”
What a great combination it is.

I love playing the lego kind games, I found them so hilarious, cute and funny. Thanks to that I had so much fun doing this set so when I was done I quickly resume one of the games that had been waiting for me to be played for months (my spare time is no longer used to play video games anymore) now I play with my baby :D.

Well This set features a name Banner in Blue chevron style, 2″ scalloped favor tags and Star wars famous quotes.

Did you Like the star wars Quotes? Then download them here!


Star Wars Quotes



scalloped tags

Personalized Jedy party circles only $3.00


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